Our Limiting self belifs…..

Our beliefs are formed from the moment we are born. This began with people smiling or shouting at us when we were a newborn. These early interactions and all other subsequent interactions with other human beings thus formed the person that we are. We have created an image of ourselves that is based on the […] Read More

low self esteem?

There are many terms which are used in connection with the term low self esteem. A poor self image basically means that the picture in a person’s mind of how they view their physical attributes or their body self image and their success in mastering their environment, e.g. success, abilities, intelligence and their overall self […] Read More

How Energy Psychology works

The implications of these findings for working with psychological issues are enormous. First, the following is an outline of the known biological sequence that is involved when a typical, threat-based, dysfunctional emotional response has been triggered: A harmless sight, sound, smell, feeling, or thought (the trigger) is recognized by the amygdala, a part of the […] Read More