Fear of flying

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and fear of flying

EFT is incredibly effective in helping you overcome fear of flying ossociated with anxiety and phobias,and can be completely eliminated in most cases in a single session.
The Emotional Freedom Technique concept was developed in the US in the 1990’s by Gary Craig, using the principles of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) discovered by Dr. Roger Callahan. EFT roots are in acupuncture, kinesiology and psychology. EFT is spreading very rapidly in the US and in the UK, where the concept is now used in some specialist areas of the National Health Service.
It has been likened to acupuncture, but without needles, and is a method of literally tapping into the body’s energy system to allow emotional issues to be resolved effectively and with astonishing speed. It is a completely safe, non-invasive procedure.
The triggering(fear,anxiety etc.)image is brought to mind while physically stimulating a series of acupoints that send impulses directly to the amygdala, which inhibit the alarm response.
These impulses also cause a reduction, within the amygdala, of the number of neural connections between the image and the alarm response.
After a number of repetitions of tapping, the image can then be brought to mind, or the situation can be experienced directly, without eliciting the alarm response.
After having EFT you will still retain the memory of the event you were working on but it will no longer have the emotional charge.
Air plane phobia or a fear of flying is a very common thing and you CAN overcome this with EFT emotional freedom techniques.

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