Therapy session  is 90 minutes

Combining EFT with CBT, Reiki and other techniques intensifies their effect.

EFT is a deceptively simple but decidedly effective technique that quickly reduces, or as in many cases resolves even the most chronic emotional problems.  It’s based on the 5000 year old proven Chinese  principles that throughout the body runs 14 micro-electrical pathways called the Meridians, situated along which are hundreds of microscopic but powerful energy points.

When a combination of specific points are stimulated the body’s energy becomes balanced bringing about emotional and physical well-being.

Reiki treatment supports the body’s self-healing ability. During a Reiki session, the body shifts into parasympathetic nervous system dominance. PNS dominance is the “relaxation response.” In this state, pain and anxiety are reduced, while hormone levels, respiration, heart rate and digestive function are restored to healthier levels.

Reiki treatment is non-invasive and gentle, with no known contraindications. It can be incorporated along with conventional medical and therapeutic treatments. Reiki can be easily learned as a daily self-care practice for symptom relief and overall well-being.

Cognitive behavioural therapy looks to help you make sense of what can feel like an overwhelming problem by breaking it down into more manageable parts. These smaller parts are your thoughts, feelings, actions and even physical sensations.

  • Energy Psychology:                                             90 minutes £ 40.00

Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT

Cognitive behavioral therapy  CBT


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