Quantum bioresonance Karnak

The principal function of the Karnak Sensor is to measure the energetic data of the patient undergoing the test in order to identify any cerebral and organic energetic imbalances in the body. This is carried out by monitoring the energetic state of the immune system and hormonal, cellular and biochemical activity, without any form of patient contact or invasiveness, through quantum bioresonance mechanisms.
The test lasts only 45 seconds!

An energetic analysis performed with the Karnak Sensor allows us to go beyond the “How are you feeling” and effectively see “How you are”.
Through energetic analysis, the causes that lead to energetic imbalances and the symptoms that cause changes in psycho-physical health can be determined.
The energetic test also allows problems to be prevented by verifying the energetic functionality of the body’s immune system.
The Check-up has no contraindications since the device is for detection only: it produces no emissions and is non-invasive. This means that the test can be performed at any age.

This energetic analysis allows the prevention of various illnesses by indicating the functional psychophysical recovery and the effectiveness of treatments being carried out, by means of a check-up done on the patient before and after the session, which results will be visible in a graph during the successive phases of therapy.
This analysis enables prevention of different illnesses and indicates the resumption of psychophysical functions. It also indicates the effectiveness of treatment by Alternative Medicine through checks on the patient before and after the sitting.
The dynamic biofrequency activity of each area of the brain and of each organ can be seen in real time and printed.

The frenetic rhythm of life and a lack of free time make it essential for us to consume food with a long shelf life and pleasing appearance. Nowadays, Food Intolerances are an increasingly widespread problem. We often, in fact, find ourselves eating rich foods with colours, preservatives, flavour enhancers, flavourings and chemical substances.
Foods to which we are intolerant cause daily cerebral-organic imbalances and it is essential that we seek to rebalance our bodies and prevent these imbalances from turning into dysfunction and degeneration.
By means of the Karnak Sensor and the test to detect Food Intolerances, it is possible to identify foods that are energetically damaging to our energetic balance and which, day after day, affect our critical levels and negate the energizing benefit of supplements and healing remedies. The analysis is determined using your own food so that the benefit or otherwise of each food eaten is assessed in a personalized manner according to your critical energy levels.

The patient receives tailor-made, personalized dietary advice, since any food intolerances that damage specific organs or brain functions have been detected according to his/her critical levels, thereby making it possible to establish a degree of intolerance of each food actually eaten. It should, in fact, be taken into consideration that the food eaten is often very different from the food extracts contained in the test phials, which, in any case, are used for indicative purposes only.
With low levels of food intolerance, the negative action of foods that are energetically non-beneficial can be balanced out by the positive action of beneficial foods and therefore these harmful foods can still be consumed without having to eliminate them completely from the diet. A balanced diet that is beneficial to your body can be considered an excellent foundation for psycho-physical health.


Vibrational analysis using cerebral and organic bioresonance is performed using the Karnak method by means of the KARNAK Sensor also known as Dynamic Energetic Detector (DED), which tests, in just a few seconds, 511 points from the head to the feet, detecting energetic activity in each tiny part of the body. The Test evaluates:

  1. psychic functional and cerebral endocrinal energetic activity, detecting hormonal problems;
  2. cellular biological energy activity of the organs, thus permitting the assessments of the length of time required for a possible functional recovery;
  3. the physical activity of each organ verifying energetic functionality, peristaltic functionality and the activity of certain zones of the brain regulating organic functions.


Assessment is performed by cerebral and organic bioresonance and the test shows dynamically and in real time the energetic reaction of the products tested in the 30 cerebral zones and 110 organic zones.

The test is personalised and requires 10-15 seconds for organic products and 20-30 seconds for inorganic ones. In the grid, one can select 10 abnormal zones to be simultaneously observed on the monitor of a personal computer, in order to follow the reaction to the products held in the hand.

For each of the 10 zones, a cursor draws a read-out and indicates the reaction of the product analysed in real time according to whether it moves upwards, (efficient) or down (inefficient) and in a more or less decisive way.

During the test, the subject holds products destined to benefit the organs in the right hand and those useful for the psyche in the left hand. Once the test has been completed, it will be possible to evaluate the efficiency or inefficiency of the products by comparing the energetic analysis of brain and organ activity with the previous cerebral and organic energy analysis.

The energy analysis relative to the validity of the products is performed in the following way:

  1. by evaluating the +/- energetic variance in the charts and observing the energy reactions in the main brain and organic zones;
  2. by detecting after the PSI Test the 10 cerebral or organic zones that prove most damaged by introducing them into a grid to obtain graphs that make it possible to evaluate the energy reactions relative to the abnormal zones selected;
  3. by the analysis of the read-outs that signal energetic activity of the 30 cerebral and 110 organic zones. This check tests the validity or invalidity of the various products analysed. It is also possible to observe the efficiency of the various vibrational therapies whilst they are performed on the patient.