BFR is a versatile biofield imaging system which processes images by filtering gradations and patterns of light not normally visible to the human eye allowing us to see the subtle energy around us.
For thousands of years there have been individuals who claim to see what has traditionally been called an ‘aura’ of light surrounding a person. Some sensitives report that this ‘aura’ (or biofield) gives them information about a person’s state of physical and emotional well-being. Most people are unable to see this ’aura’ or biofield.
Modern technology, like BioField Reader (BFR), is able to reveal normally ‘invisible’ light patterns by the application of specially designed digital filters. The BioField Reader filters ascribe different colours to various, subtle intensities of light, and some filters  produce images which correlate closely with what many sensitives say they see in the biofield in different states of well-being and lack of well-being.
If someone is stressed, or has a lot of tension in their body, then more red ‘congested’ pools of light and irregular patterns of light on and around the body are seen.
Once an initial scan has been recorded and therapy commenced, subsequent scans often show less red and an increase in green/yellow/orange as people feel better. The patterns, e.g. shapes of chakras and energy flow lines, e.g. meridians have been seen to also improve. Seeing is believing and this visual confirmation can be very important to aid progress towards well-being and help morale.
Changes towards more balanced colours and patterns have been seen by some therapists after therapy, rest and relaxation, switching to a more healthy diet etc.