Reiki Level 3 Master Workshop

Reiki Mastership: Overview of the workshop
Reiju Master-level empowerment
Overview of Usui Sensei’s original system and how we can echo his approachesSome New
SymbolsThe Usui and ‘Tibetan’ Master symbols
The Reiki Kotodama: exploration of sacred sound

Learn the Kotodama
Experience their energies
Learn how to use the Kotodama for self-healing and self-development, and during treatments
Western Master attunement
Overview: Western-style attunements
Practice session: the Second Degree attunement
Break the attunement into four stages: Setting the scene, Opening, Inserting Symbols, Closing
Master attunements: how they differ from Second Degree
First Degree attunements: how they differ from Second Degree
Reiju Master-level empowerment
The importance of Intent
Directing energy using intent/visualisation: practice session
“Frequency setting”: practice session
The importance of Intuition
Expanding our experience of the “Reiji ho” method: practice session
Perceiving the Chakras: practice session
Reiju empowerment
Using Reiju at Second Degree and Master levels: explanation and practice session
The benefits of Reiju empowerments
Learn how to empower yourself in different ways and practise one method


End of Class – Congratulations, You are Reiki Level 3

Cost of Workshop including manual CD & DVD and Certificate £ 140.00 (deposit £ 40.00)

The course manual will be sent to you by post one week before