Teenagers and Anxiety

How to Help Kids Overcome Stress and Anxiety and Build  Their Emotional Resilience


Learn strategies to help your kids to calm their nerves, relieve their anxiety, and overcome emotional blocks to their success in exams, public presentations, performances and social settings.
Self-empower kids with some simple, effective tools they can use to calm their nerves, relieve their emotional stress and anxiety, blast through barriers – and give them the confidence to succeed!
Guido will introduce you to Simple Energy Techniques (EFT) a user-friendly Energy Psychology approach.
You’ll learn:
How to use new EFT to help kids to overcome typical childhood anxieties, such as performance anxiety; test-anxiety; social anxiety; and excessive worry.
How to combine EFT with other proven approaches for anxiety relief, such as cognitive
Strategies, relaxation techniques, mindfulness, and deep breathing.
How to teach kids to self-apply these techniques for anxiety self-help and stress relief
Empower your kids with these simple, effective anxiety-relief strategies and set them up for life!
For more on Energy Psychology and Guido’s approach see: www.guidoterzaghi.co.uk
Or contact me by email: info@guidoterzaghi.co.uk

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