Heartmath Coherence Bio-feedback

Using HeartMath® tools and technology Bio-feedback, wefrustrapprecigraph can teach you to change your nervous system’s response to stress, and achieve new levels of health and wellbeing.   When you experience stressful emotions such as tension, anxiety, irritation, or anger, your heart rhythm pattern becomes irregular and incoherent, which negatively affects health, brain function, performance and your sense of well-being.

HeartMath’s research shows how emotions change our heart rhythm patterns.

Positive emotions create coherent heart rhythms, which look like rolling hills – it’s a smooth and ordered pattern. In contrast, negative emotions create chaotic, erratic patterns. Using a heart rhythm monitor, you can actually see your heart rhythms change in real time as you shift from stressful emotions like anger or anxiety to positive feelings.

What is HeartMath?

The HeartMath Interventions (HMI) program is a biofeedback program that emphasizes the role of the heart and heart rate variability (HRV) as a key component to the emotional system. Recent biomedical research has clarified that the heart is much more than a simple pump. It is indeed a highly complex, self-organized information-processing center. Research has confirmed that the messages the heart sends to the brain not only affect physiological regulation, but also can profoundly influence perception, emotion, behavior, performance and health.

HMI combines emotional restructuring with biofeedback and relaxation techniques to em-wave-mac-systemassist your body in establishing a healthier response to stress. People who have utilized these techniques report results that are sustained over time because the HMI program helps create a change in your body’s baseline emotional and physiologic response to stress. However you may respond when you are experiencing increased stress-yelling at the kids or your spouse, high blood pressure, anxiety, PTSD, back and neck pain, or headaches-HeartMath can help. Self regulation is an empowering tool for those suffering from the effects of stress.

HeartMath offers techniques to interrupt self-defeating cycles and provides opportunities to develop dynamic new patterns (efficient heart-rhythm patterns using heart rate variability (HRV) training) through positive emotional shifts and by reinforcing them until they become familiar. We offer practice through access to equipment at no charge. “By learning to access the intuitive intelligence of the heart, we are better able to care for ourselves, our families, our community, and the world itself.”

How Does HeartMath Work?

HMI utilizes intentionally generated heart rate rhythmic patterns (heart rate variability or HRV) with positive emotion based coherence building techniques to help create a permanent shift in the physiologic and emotional response to stress. The changes in HRV are monitored and give the user feedback on how their practice is changing their body’s response to stress.  Stress is ever present. Stress reduction comes with reducing our response to the stress.